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With today's vast amounts of data needing to be routed to different points, the ability to go further distances with data integrity makes fiber optics a viable choice. Today 20-25% of industrial factory LAN's now require fiber optics as the media solution. In addition to longer distance and immunity to noise the wide bandwidth will allow for top end data rates at any desired distance. This means that data rates do not need to be reduced to reach extended distances as required in wire, coaxial and wireless based systems.

Not all applications lend themselves to fiber optics. We will then blend radio type links into the fiber optic network. The goal will be to keep wireless links as short as possible so that interference is kept to a minimum.

Automation NetLinx's growing list of Products includes Fiber Optic Communication Solutions, Wireless Radio Solutions along with Data Logging and Metering.

Our Product Accessories round out our product offering allowing you to complete the remainder of your communications network, by choosing fiber optic cable, antenna's, battery pac's and solar cells for remote locations and providing access to the network thru Hardened Industrial Connections.

We also feel it is important to provide quick turn Repair Depot (faster than original manufactures) to the industries installed networks.

Industrial Network Services are provided for planning and installation of Industrial Networks.





Industrial USB Logging / Recording Products





Oil Rig


Fiber Optic Switches

Industral Signal Radio Links


Data Logging / Metering

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