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Automation NetLinx provides Industrial Hardened Data Logging / Recording and Metering

Our proven products provide unique solutions for industrial applications. Data logging, recording and metering can be accomplished in a number of ways although ours are unique, different and compact. For temporary or long term, data logging and recording see our products below.

Industrial USB Logging / Recording Products


USB to 4-20mA

USB to Voltage Logger / Recorder

USB to Temperature / RH / Dew Point

User Programmable Alarm Thresholds

USB to RS-232 Serial Adaptor


Temporary Logging

Compact w/Pocket Clip leave anywhere

Capture Cabinet Hi/Low Temps.

Catch Voltage Peak / Droop

Use to verify 4-20mA Ground Loops


Industrial Metering Products



• Performs the functions of as many as 30 individual meters

• Ethernet/Internet, USB, Modbus, CAN, RS232/422/485 and wireless communication

• Data logging / Data Metering

• Wonderware, Labview and GUI drivers available



Monitor / Measure Power - Turbines, Sub-Panels, Feeders

Monitor DC/AC Based Signals

Meter Power Consumption

Auto Capture Peak, Sag, Lead, Lag, Frequency



Datasheets available online (pdf format) for detailed information on products. Click on link below for desired product. Adobe Acrobat is needed to view datasheets.

Industrial USB Logging / Recording Products

USB 4-20mA (USB to 4-20mA Logger)

USB - DVM (USB to Voltage Logger)

USB - TEMP/RH (USB to Temperature / Relative Humidity Logger)

USB - TEMP (USB to Temperature Logger)

USB - RS232 (USB to RS-232 Serial Adaptor)


Industrial Metering Products

ANX-DPC (DIN Programmable Controller)

ANX-SPC (Switchboard Process Controller)

ANX-PMC (Power Management Controller)

ANX-EMC (Energy Management Controller)



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