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Network Services to meet your needs

Automation NetLinx has provided years of industry Start-Up Services. Simple to complex networks. We've tackled everything from industrial network planning to On-Site Start-Up's.

We have a vast background in industrial communication protocols and controllers offered by Rockwell-Automation/Allen-Bradley, Gould/Modicon/AEG/Schneider Electric, Siemans/TI, GE Fanuc, ABB, ABB/ Kent Taylor, Triconex, Honeywell, Fisher/Rosemount. We are proficient with configuring and programming the above list of PLC and DCS systems.

We service a wide variety of industrial control systems linked with valuable experience of industrial control, instrumentation and systems vendors. Our experience extends from PLC and DCS systems to SCADA, VFD Drives, PID Controllers, gas chromatographs, pipe erosion detection, strain gauges, pressure transducers, flow meters, belt scales, level sensors, motion controllers, servo drives, high voltage contactors. We are proud of a 100% safety record.

We have an in-depth knowledge of industrial protocols from all major vendors listed above and other prevalent industry standard protocols including Profi-Bus, FDDI, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, MAP, CAN, T1, SONET and ATM protocols.

Automation Controllers, Software and Networks by:

Rockwell Automation — PLC-5, SLC500, PLC-3, ControlLogix, RS-Logix,
RS-Networx, Data Hiway Plus, ControlNet, Remote I/O, DF1
Siemans/TI — TI505 Series - TI-Soft, TiWay, Peerlink, Remote I/O
Modicon — u84, 484, 584, 984, 800 Series I/O, Quantum, ModSoft, Modbus, Modbus Plus, Remote I/O
GE Fanuc — 90/70, 90/30, Logic Master, Genius I/O, SNP
Modbus — All controllers.

Trade Mark Notices The above controllers, networks and software are registered trademarks of their respective companies.









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